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Anyone remember talking about the 900rr rear shock

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  • Anyone remember talking about the 900rr rear shock

    I was looking thru the old pages on and was looking for the threads on peeps using the modified 900rr rear shock. I have recently came across one and was wondering if anyone remembered what was going on with that, like the mounting difficulties or what ever people were doing to make it fit. I will probally try the blue board also but just seeing if anyone remembered. It has been a long time since it was discused probally a year. Thanks in advance Dustin

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    TLRTones has one.. he got it from ProMecha down here. Looks sweet on the bike.

    The general consensus every time it gets brought up though is "too hard to DIY, and too risky to try anyway". I dunno. I've never pulled a rear shock apart, so I don't know if it really would be that hard to figure out the right sized valves, or if it's as easy to revalve like it is with forks. Not sure if the length had to be modified...?
    Used to ride a '01 TLR


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        Doug was working on this but said it was too much work and money for the gain (and this from the guy who made that tight breather set up so you know he wasn't blowing smoke).


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          looked at the problem a lot and posted a bunch of pics the only shock even remotely worth using in my opinion is the 46mm showa from a 96 f3 and even then you are going to have to change the spring rate and but in a race tech gold valve. By the time you are done, buy the Bitubo would be my recommendation. Also if you have done front forks with a race tech gold valve the shock is about the same difficulty.


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            ah ha

            Yeah i know penski and ohlins had a fix for the rear damper prob. I had remember the 4 page thread on and couldnt recall how much of a pain it was. I have got so many spare parts anymore i am slowing building up another bike mainly for the track and wasnt trying to get to in depth and to deep in my wallet. But thanks for the info. Dustin


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              So doug, the valving isn't hard to do?
              Any brackets required?
              You just mean a new spring, right? How much is that? Is the length OK?

              I've seen those F3 shocks on eBay for like $30.
              Used to ride a '01 TLR