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  • Two Questions:

    One: has anyone gathered any data on wheel weights? I am starting to look for a set of wheels for my TLS and would love to find a set that both looks but still offers a significant weight loss.

    Has anyone ever heard of this company?

    I was thinking that would be awsome... I wonder if the ss weighs more than the stock piece...
    Had a 98 Black TLS (Stolen)
    Now I have a 99 Red TLS (Red goes faster anyways!)

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    gsxr 1k rims are about 13 pounds lighter and the sssa are heavier thata braced swing arm that is why ducati,triumph dont use em any more.they look awesome though ,i would do it just forthe bling bling.
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      Come on folks. I read that about the GSXR rims in the other post. I frankly do not believe it. I would love it if it were... Someone please verify this with a scale!!!

      Does anyone know what our swing-arm weighs? I know too that for a given weight a double sided swing-arm would stiffer than a single-sided swing-arm of the same material. But the question was: Do you think the cast aluminum one on the page would weigh less than our stock pieces? I think our swing-arms are made of steel? In wich case it would almost have to be an improvement. Heck, even if it was aluminum I would hope the engineers at metmachex would be able to do better for $4000.00 on a single piece than Suzuki did when designing it for a piece of a greater whole...
      Had a 98 Black TLS (Stolen)
      Now I have a 99 Red TLS (Red goes faster anyways!)


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        the swingarm on your tls is box section aluminum with a cast center section. on avaerage, a sssa would have to weigh at least the same as your current unit to offer the same strength (using similar materials). look at the race programs. honda used it for awhile but went back to the double sided and ducati doesnt even use it anymore. factor...yes, weight/

        as far as wheels, with the oz you will drop ~5 lbs

        marchesinis would drop ~16 lbs

        carbon fiber wheels would drop another 30% over other aftermarket wheels (plus your wallet is a shite load lighter, so there is even more weight savings )

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          I'm checking these out at the moment. Mmmmm tasty


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            I agree on the 13 lb Gixxer rim savings.

            the March's might be 12 lbs lighter than the stockers (5 spokes)

            When my rotors get here, I will be weighing everything 2x
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              When my rotors get here, I will be weighing everything
              That is what I forgot to do. I didn't weigh the EBC's and compare them to the stockers. Damn!
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                So, where is the best place to get marchesinis?
                Had a 98 Black TLS (Stolen)
                Now I have a 99 Red TLS (Red goes faster anyways!)