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removeing engine,should i winterize

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  • removeing engine,should i winterize

    First of all what special tools do i need, should i winterize the engine before i remove it,and is anyone else out there doing this right now. and should i remove the engine first and then take apart the rest of the bike. oh yea i'm haveing the frame swing arm and other part powder coated. i ask this because i have a friend that says if a motor sits for a mouth or so it clogs up the cyliders or something.
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    not sure how you're gonna winterize the motor if she's comming out. winterize would consist of topping off all fluids and or overfilling the oil a bit (from what i've read). i think it would be much eaiser to remove an engine that has been drained of all fluids .once you get it out bag the motor up and keep in a dry place. good luck and make sure to show us some pics of the process
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      :dunno, my bike can sit for a month or two inbetween rides with no special treatment.
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        thought i would see

        i thought someone might have remebered removeing the engine and troubles and happiness of doing it your self


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          Just keep the oil in it and have rags in all the open areas!


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            any speacial tools need and where should i start

            ok i am going to start removeing parts off the bike.right now i have the pipes and headers off and the radiators,all plastics gauges,subframe and rear i would like to remove the engine and then swingarm and forks and tires what speacial tools am i going to need.


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              is there a way i can remove the engine with out removing all the wires

              i was reading the manual and i see you have to remove all the wireing and air tubes and things well i was wondering is there a quicker way to do it.


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                No special tools needed. Nope if I remember right you have to remove all that stuff!!
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