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    Hello all. I have a few quick questions. I was thinking about buying a 1997 TL1000s. It has 17,000 miles, yosh cf exhaust, braided lines, aftermarket front and rear suspension. Asking price is $4,200. Bike looks like it just came off the showroom floor. Any problems prone to this year and model bike? Anything to look for? Would you buy this bike? Thank you very much in advance for the help.

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    Sounds like a nice price. I have a '97 TLS with 28K miles. It has been bulletproof thus far. I love my bike. Sounds like the owner did similar mods to mine suspension wise. Good move.

    The bikes were recalled for the addition of a POS factory steering damper that can be improved by replacing the lawyer spec oil with light 2.5 wt fork oil. They were also recalled for a replacement ECU and a new gas tank (to prevent leaks at the fuel pump).

    Is this a one owner bike? If so, it is likely that all the recall work has been done.

    The only serious problem that afflicts all years of TLS is cracked frames. Pay particular attention to the steering head area and where the rear damper mounts.

    Other than that, the bike is about as much fun as I can stand
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      sounds like a nice bike. look for signs of stress cracks around the frame mounting points for the steering damper. thats all i can think of for the TLS. i'd say 4k if she's as clean as you say.

      EDIT: you beat me to it man!

      almost forgot...........................welcome
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        Sounds like a sweet bike, but obviously an 'R' would be a better purchase. more manly especially if it's B&W

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          Is there any way to find out if the recalls were done? Are they still valid if they weren't done(can I go to a suk dealership and have these things done)? Thanks guys. I belong to the katanaplanet list and I see the welcomes are the same here!!


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            Sounds sweet and dont listen to that tripe about R's bein more manly, TLS = the original Widowmaker. Plastic is for girls.


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              I recently bought my '97 TLS with 10,000 mi for $4,200. Offer him $3,800 and be willing to meet in the middle. I love my bike, but if you are not used to a twin, it will not feel like an I4, it will feel a bit bumpy and less refined i suppose.

              As far as finding if the recalls were done, go to a local suzuki dealer with the Vin#, that is what i had to do with mine.


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                Not a bad price....

                Just a few mods:

                Silver, the fastest color!

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                  The Weaver bird has little brain, it weaves about from lane to lane... that'd be me then...


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                    welcome from a fellow "S" rider. I can understand the comments from the "R" guys because they are always thinking does the arse look big on this?

                    oh yea nearly forgot welcome
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                      If it's green you can pay 6k and still get the buy of a lifetime

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                        Welcome to the Planet!!!

                        Now go buy that Tillis!!!
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