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    I've never heard of this stuff before but have seen it mentioned here a couple of times. However, after roasting my ass off yesterday I've decided that I need to look at some way to keep my tlr cooler. What's the general opinion of engine ice and where can I pick some up? Thanks again.
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    I believe engine ice is like wetterwater or an alternative to antifreeze. Mostly used for track situations and not for cooling the bike much better.

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      I would recommend putting on a manual fan switch (if you don't already have one) from TLcraz1. I wasn't sure if it was heating up on you in traffic or out 'busting a move'.
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        I've been running it for the last few months. I don't believe it's been running any cooler than normal antifreeze. Granted different situations cause different temps readings.

        I went with it because of the 'Track' usability... Thatís now gone for some/most of the clubs (NESBA in my area), though water and Water Wetter is still allowed. It is nice that itís a premix so you donít add water; downer is that the radiator capacity is more than one bottle.


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          I have TLCRAZ1's fan switch, it's easy to instal and works great. I also have Engine Ice. I haven't had much time to get a good feel for Engine Ice, but the temp comes down alot faster and takes longer to warm up from what I've seen.


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            Living in FL, my bike would normally run around 210-220 sitting in traffic. I went to engine ice about a year ago, and have never seen the bike go past 205.