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Here is something I found on ebay.....

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  • Here is something I found on ebay.....

    hmmmm.......I kind of like it!
    2001 Suzuki TL1000R:

    Full M4 exhaust w/ Titanium cans
    K&N filter
    Yosh. Box (YAFMS)remap
    OHLINS damper
    +2 AFAM Sprocket
    Corbin seat
    Bike Design no-cut frame protectors
    Bitubo shock
    EBC HH Pads
    Memphis Shades windscreen

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    Woah thats one confused Duc!!


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      that's awesome
      TL1000S - M4 full system, TFi, Airbox mod, TRE, PAIR Valve removal, Galfer SS Lines, TLR 6-pot callipers, Barnett Clutch Springs (not installed), Bitubo (not purchased)

      <a href=""><img src=""></a>


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        Thats what I'm talking about!!!!! TILLER POWER!
        <img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


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          Best of both worlds, I'd have a duc if it wasn't for the expensive service intervals. I don't think there's a better lookin bike then the 916 body style
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            That bike has so many different thoughts going on. Duc, TLR, MV?
            Pretty cool though
            I know nothing about bikes.


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              That is one very confused and ugly bike (in my mind anyway)
              Don't cha know the Yellow one's are fastest!


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                Nah.. Way too much different stuff for me. I'm sure somebody likes that style though..
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                  2003 TL1000R

                  "Aint ever seen it.....but I have heard it." - Neil


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                    I like it...I don't think I would be willing to dish out the kind of coin he is looking for...but I like it!
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                    Arai Okada replica; Joe Rocket GPX gloves; Joe Rocket Ballistic & Joe Rocket Ballistic mesh jackets
                    D&D boltons; TFI; K&N air filter; JSD Switchable TRE; EBC HH pads; BT010's; front and rear flushmounts; 16t front Sprocket Specialist; manual fan switch; 3/4" lift kit
                    Soon (well...maybe not too soon):
                    Joe V mod, Pair valve removal


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                      Actually... I am not big on the paint, frame and tail. BUT I am considering finding a blown 748 and stuffing the motor I am building into it.

                      That would be fun.

                      Coming Soon!


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                        Cool ride
                        Originally posted by TLCURT
                        Because TL's fucking rock.

                        It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                          coulda done summat nice with those beeeatch ugly cans though...

                          "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"