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Where else can I look!!!????

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  • Where else can I look!!!????


    I'm betting my bike is being parted out and am checking a number of sites.

    What are some sites you think I should check?

    Please keep your eyes open for my bike!

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    It's too soon to part it out yet

    They'll keep it in a garage somewhere for a month, then sell it off

    I have a feeling my 2001 frame is in the ocean, and I've probably crossed paths with my plastics/ohlins damper/ohlins rear

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      have you seen other peeps around your way with a tl series bike or the older versiion of the gixxer that,they may look like they needed parts if theres a ghetto near bye and if there squids out there in that area then you have do do is some private eye shit and invistigate.ask around that you need parts for your bike or gixxer.good luck
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        Keep an eye on Ebay and any other salvage yards/sites in your area.
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          How well do you know your local breakers/salvage yards?
          There is every chance the bike may be offered to them complete...I got back my stolen 93 Exup this way, cost me 400. Let them know your situation, they may be sympathetic...good luck bro
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            Another idea

            Keep in touch with any bike shops in the reasonable area. They will know if some "squid" wants to buy/sell some parts for a Tls/r/ Gixxer he didn't have before. Also put up a pict in the shops,there's allways a snitch out there.
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              You never know, you may get lucky. Whoever stole it must have known it was there and planned it. It wasn't as if it was just an opportunistic lift.

              So chances are it's around your local area?
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                my question is ... did you have full coverage insurance?

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