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Anyone have a Yosh box they could let me borrow?

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  • Anyone have a Yosh box they could let me borrow?

    I live in the Allentown, PA area and am looking to modify the injection on my TLS, but I'm a little broke. I have a modified airbox that I got with a K&N but don't want to put it on without richening it up some. If anyone lives in the area I would gladly give you some money for your time. If anyone else has any ideas I am open to sugestions. Thanks guys.

    I forgot, I have the chance of getting a Dynojet Power Commander I, but heard thier were problems with them. What are the issues with them and what would one be worth now? Are they programable like the PC II? Thanks.
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    Can't help ya since I'm in Washington state but my newly acquired Yosh box will be here tomorrow (gotta love Ebay) so anybody in the Spokane, WA area feel free to contact me if you want to remap.
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      try a local dealer. You might pay $30 or they might want $150
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        Not advertising or anything, but Gary will loan you his (with deposit) over at if you join the TL owners club.
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