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ebayer, Exuuuuuuse ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ebayer, Exuuuuuuse ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You all remember the dork trying to sell ONE stock can for $225 buy it now? I emailed him and said it was worth maybe $50 and that most tl owners give them away. He said " I have sold thousands of dollars of parts and a starting bid of twenty cents on the dollar is a good deal" What an idiot. george

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    The best is to not interact with those sellers. Just warn others of the correct cost for such an item.
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      I sold my stock cans on ebay for $20 and considered myself lucky to get that. It's not limited to tl's though, I've seen gsxr cans for $100 on there.
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        I got $100 for my full stock system and I thought I was the luckies bastard on the face of the earth.
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          who is the idiot the guy selling or the guy posting on a web forum and emailing the guy saying it costs too much. Or maybe me?
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            I guess I am the idiot. I have done this lots of times and they usally thank me for the information, like the time someone was selling a 650 honda hawk that went 160 mph. Or the pocket bike frame for $2000. george


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              Actually here in Sweden you should be able to get good money for the stock can's, we cannot pass the bi-yearly law regulated veichle check if we don't have stock can's mounted.

              So no stock can's can be found for sale here as you will need them once every second year. And after the bike is 10 years it's every year.

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