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  • lever question

    hi fellas,

    i seem to have a lot of play on both my brake and clutch lever (TLS), like 2 cms at least before they do anything (i can move 'em vertically too)...otherwise clutch and brakes are in good condition, everything works fine, it's just that free play that's starting to bug me.
    clutch is well adjusted, and brakes have been overhauled recently, thus should be ok.

    I asked the dealer about this , and he said something about 'old levers, bit worn' yada yada 'new levers will cure this immediatly'

    is this a way of selling some new levers? or could he be right?

    thx, wreckah

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    we talking hand or foot controls?

    if foot --> the stock levers have a thin plastic sleeve inside (where they rotate on the peg) that can wear out (after a loooong time) and cause a sloppy feel. if that is the prob, new levers would help

    if hand --> the stock levers (and bracket where they pivot) just have loose tolerances (sloppy on suzukis part) and even brand new they are sloppy. so he would be full o' crap and trying to sell you new levers

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      Might try to bending the area where the lever pivots together. This would take up the slack in the vertical direction. If there is play around the pin, ummmmmm, shim it with something. Might take a Bic pen apart and use the plastic of the pen as a sleeve. Or new lever or new pin.
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