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Vacuum control solenoid removal

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  • Vacuum control solenoid removal

    I was gong through the schematics for the FI system on the bike and was wondering if anyone had removed the vacuum control solenoid valve, vacuum tramsmitting valve and vacuum damper after doing the air box mod? Does not look like it would be missed much unless it is sending info to the ecm. not sure if it sends and receives info or not. Any info would help, trying to clean things up while the bike is apart for service.
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    i believe you can, but you need a remap then.


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      I broke mine (vacuum control solenoid ) and the bike still runs great.
      I say dump it. The VCS that is.
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        when you took it out what did you do with the wiring? Did you just zip tie it out of the way? thanks for the info, BTW did you remove all of the hoses and crap too.
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          You can remove everything right down to the vacuum fitting on your throttle bodies. You just have to plug that.


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            Yep, been running mine w/o the flapper or any of the attendant hosery/wiring crap for awhile now with no problems. As mentioned earlier the only thing to make sure to do is to plug the now unused vacuum nipple on the throttle body.

            I think the ECU sends the message to allow the flapper to open and close. The fact that no one is home to receive the signal does not matter.

            The bike does not hurt for power as low as 3,000 rpm either. I can wick it at 3 and pick up the front end. I truly believe the flapper on the TL is for noise emissions, not anything to do with power. I suppose there is more intake honk now, but I can't hear it over my RS-3s
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