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    How much mileage do you get from a rear on yout tl? It seems my tlr eats tires significantly quicker than my gsxr 750 did. Also how close do you usally run them to the wear bars? Till they are even? Down a little lower? Before they show even with tread? I usually switch just before they start showing even with tread should I keep em la little longer?
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    If you have ever seen how little material there is once the threads start showing...that should be enough not to make you ride on it.

    I always change mine wayyyyy before threads show. I don't run out and change it as soon as I hit the wear bar...but I would estimate 1/2 of the wear bar is about as much as I would push it.

    Don't forget...if it is mainly the centre that is will not handle as well either
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      I do, the tires just starting to get good and sticky

      For real though ill run mine almost to the point the tread pattern is gone. Ill buy a new set at the wear bar though. Never know when ill decide to do a long ride and need a switch the night prior.

      Of course I buy 4 sets with my taxes every year too. So I usually only need maybe 1 set if I do ALOT of riding by winter


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        I have cords showing on my rear Dunlop D208 after 2500 miles!!!!

        What the hell!!!! AND..........I only did two small burnouts.

        I guess the "beast" likes eating tires.
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          Depending on how and where you ride. After seeing just how thin a tire is at that point-after my burnout-I wouldn't recommend riding around town very much because even the smallest piece of glass could give you a flat.


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            Have a friend that a Dunlop dealer and he has stated a few times to his Dunlop Rep. that the mileage on the 208's is inconsistant. Youll range from 2K to closer to 5K and not do anything different.

            Try a set of BT010 next youll love them. They are the best street tire Ive ever ran. I cant imagine it getting much better.


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              I think crazy cat got 3000-3500 on his M1's
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                seems that btidgestone BT010/020 tyres have reasonably mileage, nomather what you do with them (well, ok, gotta go easy on those burnouts)

                BT010 rear: 5000 miles
                BT020 rear: 7500 miles


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                  Wow, those are outstanding numbers. Are those yours or did you pull that from thier site?
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                  Sept. 12 2004


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                    i got 4700 miles out of my rear m1 sportec on my tls..... around 6k on mez4's and a busa goes throuh diablo rears at 3500 miles.... no burnouts either guys.... so, i will remain true to my sportecs... glad my rear tire will last this riding season! after next week, both the rear m1 and the weather will be non ridable...


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                      Holy crap I get 2500 miles out of M1s on my rear and I NEVER do burnouts.
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                        my roomie got 4500 out of his 190 50 sportec rear...on the busa no less.


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                          Originally posted by GXRKLR
                          Wow, those are outstanding numbers. Are those yours or did you pull that from thier site?
                          nope, my numbers,

                          a lot of wet weather riding for a starters, few highway miles, and a lot of city-trashing! and i don't WOT her all the time in first and second, that helps too
                          mind you, the BT020 is no sticky tyre, it slides all over the place, but hey, i like it that way

                          i was really worried about the mileage on the TLS versus my former SVS, but it's not far off really...


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                            Not even 2000 miles on the 010's, no burnouts, only hard riding. Still have some tread left in the middle, but the tire wears damn quick at lean angles!

                            Got the same mileage out of my Supercorsa SC2 as I did out of a set of 010's. And they're way softer than the BT.

                            One thing for certain though. TL's love chowing tyres!
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