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  • What tires are you running?

    i need a new set of tires, and i'm probally gonna pic some up tomorrow. i'm lookin at the 208's, any suggestions?


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    I like my M-1's
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      BT010's much much better tire then the 208 unless their GP which are around $400 a set

      Super corsa

      How do you ride. If your an average sport rider id say the BT020, If your cornering pretty decent the bt010 or corsa

      If you spend more time on the edge and still have a tire that almost looks new in the center when its time to replace. the M1 12ss and super corsa.

      I am not a Pirelli fan myself, I think the Bridgestones and M1's are the better deal for the $


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        I'm going the M-1 route this time around. Heard good things. Though I head good things about the 207RR, then I checked the price. Some people must be able to get a money tree to grow in their yard.
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          Originally posted by Steve TLS
          I like my M-1's
          That's what I got.


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            I was going to get the M-1's but then my local dealer put the D208 ZR's on sale for a price around what you would find in catalogs. I have been very happy. I've run 4 track days on them and have been very pleased with their consistent performance. With that said, my next set will be either M-1's or Diabolo's


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              I like the Metzeller MEZ3. I ran them at a trackday, actually two trackdays and then the rear was shagged. They were great as far as street compound tires go. I then put on a set of Avon Sp pro's and crashed, broke two ribs... I will never buy Avons again. I do have Dunlop D207 RR's on my YZF and they seem to be a real nice tire. I am liking them more and more. I think all the tires out there are a good tire. Just depends on what your looking for in it. I have tried them all, and they are all good tires. Just don't buy the Avons. I have had nothing but trouble with them. The SP pro front tire took a handfull of weight to get it to balance, we did balance the rim separately too!!! And another guys avons took serious amounts of wieght to balance. I did send mine back as a blem and got a full refund. I haven't bought anything else, but am thinking on D207RR's for the TLS too. They seem to be a nice tire, and are wearing very well. But it is all up to what you like for yourself.
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                you will really like your m1s when you get them tjl....


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                  good luck finding the 207rr's. save yourself time and money and get the sportecs...


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                    i've heard bad things about the 207rr's, on the track or pushing it to be specific. 208 GP's are great, but expensive and wear quick on the street. the M1's are very confidence inspiring and give good grip dry or wet, but my rear is dead after 2100 miles. on the other side, for the price and ability of the tire 2100 miles isn't so bad. i'm thinking about geting the Diablo street tire, not the many choices.
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                      I know how you guys love the M1's, but for a street tire BT010 are a GREAT ride! I have ran them just as hard as guys running m1-001-12ss-SC1/2-208gp-and several other tires. I live in the mountains and run someroads id say 50% of this board dreams about, and never not once have I had an issue of a Bt010.

                      If you have never ran a set. Try a set once. Not a good track day tire though. They heat up fine, but I dont see them holding their grip 20 minute session after session.


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                        maybe for my next rear tire i will try a 010. we will see. i have not heard anything bad about them. i really love my sportecs, and for the mileage i got out of mine, i cant bitch.


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                          i'm running a pilot H2 front w/ a 207ZR rear. then again, i only commute w/ these tires.

                          on the track i'm currently running supercorsas SC1front, SC2 190/55 rear. will probably switch to slicks once these wear out.
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                            When I kill mine I'll be going M-1, with a 190 rear.
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                              bt-010's are great. i have about 800 on mine so far and thats all hard ridin. never once have they slipped up on me. and looks like tread life will be GGGRRRREAT!
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