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  • Can they do this??

    Another newbie here and this site rocks!! I picked up a 97 TLS with 15k on the clock a few weeks ago and have learned so much by cruising around the forums on this site. She needs a little love, previous owner dropped here on the right side so I'm going to touch that up this winter and the mechanical seal on the water pump is out so that needs to be replaced, but with the manual and the resources here I should be able to handle it.

    Anyhow, I've been really interested in the threads concerning the notorious stumbles of the early TLS, which I perceive to be pretty bad on mine but I've only had it for a couple of weeks. So I figured I would call the local dealership and check if all the recalls have been done and he come back that the computer assembly has not been replaced. Me thinks sweet. Then he goes on about how that is out there from 97 and he doesn't know if they will still do it. Can they deny a recall?? I just want to be prepared if they try to pull a quick one so they don't have to mess with it.

    And for the haters pics will come as soon as the camera works again!

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    hi, wisconsin 97 tls owner here.

    welcome to the planet
    what does the number say on your ecu? and does it have a damper on the steering?

    mine stumbles a little, but i keep her over 4k almost all the time, and she is smoothe there on up. also i am running no remap, and i have a full yosh system. make sure to sync the throttle bodies, and set the tps. that helped mine. also check the low idle screw (the one on the tb's) mine was low a,d wanted to idle at 1000rpm, and wanted to stall then, after i adjusted that, it was way better.


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      Ill have to check the ecu but the steering damper is on and it has had the fuel gasket done also.


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          Call SUZUKI @ 1-800-828-RIDE (1-800-828-7433)

          They do honor all recalls that have not been performed.
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            Isn't the 97 ECU the baddest one out there? Keep it:dunno
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              The baddest for a number of reasons though.

              Baddest stumbles.

              Rising oil level due to fuel getting into it etc.

              Baddest power
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                I have a '97 TLS with the original ECU also. I had a case of the stumbles in the worse way. Then I ran across some advice on this board to make sure the throttle body gaskets are tight. I tightened them up and it made a huge difference. The stumbles are not gone completly but enough to be ridable.


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                      welcome to the planet......
                      YES it's a V-twin... NO it's not a harley...


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                        WELCOME! Congrats on buying one badass bike!


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                          Welcome I've noticed everyone from Wisconsin on this board owns a 97TLS. We must just be smarter than the rest
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                            Originally posted by TLCURT
                            Because TL's fucking rock.

                            It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                              Welcome to the planet...and I have to say it anyways:

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