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Valve Maintenance?

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  • Valve Maintenance?

    The tillis has 15,000 miles on her. Maintenance schedule says its time for a valve check, and its $375 for the service. In someone’s experienced (already done it) opinion, is this worth it, or with average mechanical ability, a winter coming, and a service manual is this something I could do myself?

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    It's pretty straight forward. You should at least check them, they may not need adjustment.
    The only thing can be a bit tricky is the timing on the cams when putting them back in (this only happens if you need to adjust the valves, not just check em)


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      if you can follow the shop manual,
      you can do it yourself without incident.
      ive done it twice. plus this way you know if it has been done correctly, with my dealer you could only wonder


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        If you do do it yourself and have to change shims, make sure to use a strong magnet and throw some towels in the head so you don't lose a shim down there.
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          i will be doing mine this winter too. well at least checking them.


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            It really is straight forward. The manual does an excellent job of spelling it out. If you have confidence in your mechanical ability I would say go for it.


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              I'm just gonna jump in and thank all you guys for building up my confidence!
              I think I'll be doing it myself too now.
              My garage-owner sucks, didn't fill up the Radiator fluids last time I went in for a big maintenance job
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