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  • thermostat housing

    hi there

    i've read that '97 thermostat's location (sits directly on the radiator) "is wrong" and in newer models it's relocated to a different place. so, the question: where should it be?

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    The 98+ models it was relocated to the thermostat housing which is between the V. It gives the ECU a more accurate indication of the engine temperature.

    You could pick up a housing from Suzuki, or a wrecker, or you can drill and tap the blank on the 97 one. I'm pretty sure the location was cast on the 97 models, just not drilled and tapped.

    The thermostat itself was also changed on the later models, I can't remember the specs now, but it's a hotter one. The 97's ran cooler and the display showed the temperature to be even more cooler.

    If you go to the 98+ location, be prepared for higher temperatures shown on you display, but don't worry about it. Mine runs at approx 85-86C and fans come on at 106C.
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      I have the thermostat housing knowledge. If you drill and tap the existing housing the sensor hits the the air intake tube. So I bought a new model housing. Well a new problem exists with the new model it has an additional output hose for a coolent bypass which routes off of the water pump. I solved the problem by pulling the hose and taping the hole and using a bolt to plug the hole.

      The result - my '97 runs an idicated 163f degrees when moving.. if it is cold -- 40f degrees it runs like 140ish


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        thank you, guys

        nevertheless, i doubt if it's all worth doing? mine (it's an american version, grey import, that's why farenheit) runs 180-210f in warm weather and goes up to 219f in heavy traffic when the fan starts -- quite normal, i think. yes, it stumbs a little when cold and has good appetite (24-25 mpg) but i doubt that relocating the thermo would help a lot...

        what do you think?
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          My 97 has driller and tapered hole, which is just plugged with brass plug... Even the thread is same then the sensor. So it's possible to use that plug in radiator hole, where the sensor is removed..

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            It doesn't seem like there's a good reason to go through the hasle of moveing the thermostat, I have a 97 and I'm just fine with where it is. It may be a little more acurate off the housing but mine is fine where it is
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     97 TLS had the thermostat housing down between the cylinders......not anywhere near the radiator...

              Or are you guys talking about the temperature sensor, (which was in the radiator)?

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                Temperature sensor Jim. The thermostat / housing position was left alone.
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                  I moved mine because of what would happen if the thermostat stuck shut...