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  • Nice....

    What do yall think of this?

    I like-headlights are pretty cool, and that is one sweet color. Never seen one of those steering dampers before. Is that the graves fairing stay?

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    Those lights are nice, cool mirrors too!
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      looks purty damn good to me.
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        There's a lot of work in that one

        :dunno cant tell if that's a Graves stay, it doesn't look like the one I have.
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          Dont like the front at all

          Appreciate all the work that went into it though

          Also no singleseat cowl? whats up with that? a tiller needs its cowl!
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            i like it....i like it a lot....

            prefer it in yellow...but it is nice
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              i dont like the way the penske damper (steering) mounts at all. seems like it would really get in the way

              the rest of the bike is pretty sweet though

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                I like the color but dont like that headlight at all, reminds me of a KTM
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                  Converted Race bike? Took a track bike and made it into a street bike again ? Looks nice, but what happen to it for them to change it back to street ?
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                  Here's how it sounds.


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                    Great looking bike.....

                    Except for the headlights
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                      That's not a Penske

                      That looks more like a Hyperpro dampner, I saw the Penske dampner at the factory and it looked nothing like that and was never released, they said it was as good as an Ohlins but they wanted to make one better than anyone else's before they released one, or what the point.

                      That fairing brace looks like a stock GSXR, but I do have a new Harris brace if anyone wants it.


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                        looks good to me...
                        YES it's a V-twin... NO it's not a harley...


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                          We had that bike at the shop I work at a couple of months ago. Had some wiring issues we took care of. The headlights look good from 10 ft, but up close, they don't quite sit right in the holes. The lights are mounted to the fairing bracket, so they just don't really match up well. Other than that, I think the bike ran fairly well. Not 100% positive.

                          If anyone is interested, let me know, I'll talk to the guy who worked on it, and if you want go actually take a look at it.

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                            Mirrors and color is cool
                            Originally posted by TLCURT
                            Because TL's fucking rock.

                            It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                              The headlights make the front fairing look like a bloated version of the KTM DUKE II. Interesting...
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