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  • 520 Chain Conversion..

    520 Chain Conversion.. Who has it done? What are the Pros and Cons on the conversion? Is it safe? What sprocket combination is everyone using?

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    I have the AFAM 520 conversion on my bike. 17 tooth front sprocket with 42 tooth rear. The pros are that the 520 chain is considerably lighter than stock. If you do put on a 520 kit hold the 520 chain in one hand and your stock in the other, surprising. This weight reduction helps in a couple of areas (potentially). By reducing the weight of the chain you improve acceleration due the lowering the moment of inertia (goes round and round without as much effort). Also by reducing the weight you improve the handling performance by reducing unsprung weight. The major con is that due to the HUGE power of the TL the lightweight chain has a tendency to stretch at a much greater rate than stock. Thus, you will have to replace the chain with greater frequency in order to reduce the possibility of chain breakage.


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      Did it last month.. One of the best mods yet. Went with a 17 Vortex front and 42 Vortex rear with a EK X ring RED Bling Bling. The hardest part was getting that front sprocket off.. They gave me some shit on the board here but it finally came loose. Its holding up great and Yes I do ride it hard on one wheel ocasionally
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