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Lightened Flywheel?

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  • Lightened Flywheel?

    I was reading a good little write-up about the 999R today. They mentioned an almost inexistent flywheel that allowed the engine to spin up nearly instantaneously.

    "Blip the throttle and the tach needle races past seven immediately, and the stuttering intake pulses harden to a crisp, ripping snarl."

    Would lightening the flywheel on our TLs have a similar effect? What are the drawbacks of a lightened flywheel? I know a few people who seem happy with the 'race' flywheel on their Ducks... But what do *they* know...

    So... What say ye? Is it even worth the bother?

    2001 TLS
    Full M4, PCII, K&N Air Filter, SS Lines, 16T Front Sprocket, 180 Rear, HammerIT DB Screen, NWS Hugger

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    Jim Brewer did it


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      The big drawback for a ***STREETBIKE*** is poor idling. With not enough rotational mass to keep the cylinders spinning at low RPM (1200 or so) the bike will have a hard time keeping alive. Keeping your idle set higher will help but obviously makes your bike less "streetable".
      Frank Corona


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        any aftermarket lightened flywheels
        <img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


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          You could try a lighter clutch basket as well.


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            I believe that TLR has lighter flywheel, then TLS. Maybe it would fit..

            I take no liability if someone burns up his/her TL with Jarkko/Sparkko/plus mod It's safe if it's done right....

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              the only other drawback is that when you change gears you will lose revvs. I took my lightened flywheel out of my turbo crx drag car because i was losing boost between shifts due to the loss of revvs.

              2001 TL1000R

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