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  • Am i Paranoid?

    today i got my bike titled here in AZ, its from Cali. it had a cali salvage title, and it transfered as a salvage to AZ. this means that i can't get full coverage, and i am very worried about it getting stolen. so tonite i opened my front door of my apartment, and rolled it into the front walk way. is that paranoid? my roommates are giving me a little shit, but i really don't care, and they don't mind to much. i did buy an alarm today and will probally get installed friday. i'm just cautious i think.


    Parting out 2 bikes. Let me know what you may need.

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    You can't get theft insurance on a salvage title? I don't see the connection.
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      they figure the bike isnt worth replacement costs since it was totalled. in alot of states you can get a statement saying it was repaired to fully functional condition and that will allow you to title it normally

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        Re: Am i Paranoid?

        Originally posted by orange57
        is that paranoid?
        Umm... NO!
        Paranoia is a rationalization of a non-existant fear.
        You are useing your head.
        It would take two guys my size and a van to steal your TL-R.
        ***The alarm is a good choice... if you are a light sleeper.
        ***Disk-brake lock... Pick up the damn bike and walk off with it
        ***Cable-lock(even braded) Use cable cutters to destroy the bulk of the cable and use "dikes" to cut the strands that are left.
        ***Anchor... again bolt cutters and some liquid-nitrogen
        The point is that there is NO way of secuting your bike OUTSIDE.
        I'd bring my bike into the living-room if I could, instead I have to rent a storage unit to house my bike.
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          not paranoid at all.. buy an alarm, put a nice big bolt into the ground (with a big ring on it) and chain down your bike.. do it... screw the roomates, they are the guys who will say "sorry man, that sucks" when your bike is gone


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            Dont worry, I do the same thing
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              They wont admit it, but they all want a TLR. Lock that pig up ASAP!

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                I keep my Kat on the sidewalk...with a "steal me" sign!

                Good advice from the folks who posted so far!
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                  Originally posted by katana750
                  I keep my Kat on the sidewalk...with a "steal me" sign!
                  that one came to mind, kinda like a reverse psychology aspect


                  Parting out 2 bikes. Let me know what you may need.


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                    Paranoid? Not even! Before I got a garage I kept 2 dirt bikes in my living room! AND I live in IOWA!


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                      I sleep with mine
                      YES it's a V-twin... NO it's not a harley...


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                        Paranoid? maybe but here in LA it's just common sense.
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                          I live in Dublin in Ireland. My TL is more likely to get robbed in Dublin than in any other part of the country. I've learned that it doesn't matter how secure you make your bike, if they want it they will take it. There is one effective solution I have found though. It's not inflalible but it is effective. 2 dogs. A little one and a big one. We have a little mutt (the clever one) who will start barking if anyone comes close to the house. She'll wake up the other dog, who's an Irish Wolfhound. He'll make a loud enough bark to make prospective theives think twice. If they don't go away they're in for a shock.

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                            Damn Superfly, that dog is huge
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                              Dogs are good. As loud as an alarm an you gotta be pretty game to break into a locked garage with a Doberman and a Rottweiler on the other side.

                              Even if they are a pair of sooks

                              Make sure they're girls tho cause I had this male pomeranian who kept pissing on my wheels, but he is no longer of this world.