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Hmmm... almost missed a turn yesterday.

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  • Hmmm... almost missed a turn yesterday.

    Hey guys...

    After putting two new sneakers on the TLR(Michelin Pilot Sports 120/190), I almost turned in too far on my first moderate turn and nearly ran the bike off the inside of the turn. It turned in really quick. I wasn't really pushing hard at all because I need to scrub them in before I start doing anything aggressively. It just caught me by surprise.

    Man... what a difference on this bike from going from worn out tires with a flatter middle(from all the highway commuting I do), to a nice rounded profile tire. I'm looking forward to riding more today and scrubbing a little more of the chicken strips off.

    Ride safe
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    ...........i do the same thing every tires, dip it into a corner, almost crap my pants cuz she turns so fast .....
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      That happened to me when I rode my friend's R1. It feels like a very fast bicycle compared to my TLS
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        What if you'd gone with the 180?

        careful please..
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          Good point I will keep that in mind when I change
          Originally posted by TLCURT
          Because TL's fucking rock.

          It's a cult own one is to love one.


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            Originally posted by SDTLR
            What if you'd gone with the 180?

            careful please..
            Yeah... my thoughts exactly!!! hehe
            TL1000R: For those who like to drive high speed tanks