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Please HELP- Anyone who has replaced fuel pump gasket

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  • Please HELP- Anyone who has replaced fuel pump gasket

    I just got my new fuel pump gasket from and I'm trying to install it. The problem is that my bike did not have a fuel pump gasket on it when I took it apart, at least not one similar to this one that I just received (and I’m sure about this).

    The gasket that I just got is a dark-colored metal plate with a rubber insert on the inside of it. I didn’t have anything like this on the bike at all. If you look at the fiche below it has a picture of the rubber “packing set” on top, then the metal fuel pump ring (both of these were on my bike), and the fuel pump gasket below.

    The problem is, if I put all 3 of these parts together on my bike like they are pictured in this diagram, they don’t fit together well at all! It seems like it would fit much better with just this new metal gasket piece by itself (maybe replacing the other two pieces). So, to anyone who has done this repair, is there something that I’m missing? Could it be that this new piece replaces these two other pieces?

    One more note: On some of the parts lists, the rubber piece (pictured as 11) and the new piece I received today (pictured as 12) are both listed as “fuel pump gasket.” so does 12 replace 11? Is 12 for a different year of the bike maybe?

    Thanks in advance any the help!

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    You want to use the new style gasket and the pump. Can that other crap.
    Make sure and torque the bolts carefully and in a criss - cross pattern.


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      God I wish I remember how I did mine. I believe mine was just part 12(metal) and not any rubber thing. That rubber thing I just re-used.
      I know nothing about bikes.


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        Thanks for the replies. Does your advice apply to both the TLR and the TLS?

        Also, upon further investigation, it does appear that this new part is for the 99 version of the TLS (discovered by using the fiche from I don't know if there were any changes to the gas tank from 97 to 99, but this part does appear to fit on my bike (if I replace the other two parts). So I think I will follow the advice posted here and can the older parts, and replace them with the new one.

        Does anyone else who has done this repair have any other input? Thanks again for the help.