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  • Valve adjustment

    Do the cams have ta come out?

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    only if you need to adjust them,
    i just did a 40 k check and it was in spec,
    at 20K i have two tight ones and the cams have to come out to change the shims... measure your clearance, remove the cams for bad valves and see what shims already in there and make the appropriate swap.

    suggestion: if you need to change one, use a magnet to pull the cam follower, that way the shim will stay attached to the follower. if not, the shim may momentary stick to the lifter with a thin film of oil only to fall out at an inopportune moment and land in your bottom end...
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      Be sure to mark your cams before removing them!!!!!
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          I'd suggest having someone knowledgeable help you your first time to help you learn the ropes.
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            The service manual is pretty good about simple valve adjusts. If you need some pages let me know. It was pretty straight forward after 15 thousand on my bike. Definately have someone help on this project if you haven't done it before. Good Luck
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              Originally posted by N2wheelies
              i just did a 40 k check and it was in spec
              Ok, so this raises another question - what can we expect on one of these engines without opening them up for any really big maintenance?

              The old '95-'97 ZX-9Rs are getting about 60k-70k miles before major things start going south, which seems good. The Concours riders are getting upwards of 120k and 190k miles. (DAMN!)

              Anyway, just wondering how far I should expect to get on this motor before I have to crack into her to do the timing chain and stuff like that.

              Anyone been there yet?

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