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  • Paddock stands

    Hi gang,
    I've just got myself a TLR and have bought a cheap paddock stand from Ebay. It's nothing flash, indeed pretty useless in practice. Which paddock stands do you use and how easy are they to get the bike onto?

    I was thinking of getting a Bike-Grab for keeping it upright then putting it on a stand from there.

    All help appreciated.

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    No clue but Welcome


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      congrats on the tiller and welcome to the planet. you will like it here

      as far as stands...they are all kind of a pain at 1st, but with a little practice it becomes second nature, you wont need anything to hold it up to put it on a stand. if you arent running swingarm spools, pick a set up, they are cheap and make using a rear stand easier. make sure your rear stand is a spool type stand though.

      here's a good pointer. take your rear seat/cowl off so you can grab the rear subframe and stabilize the bike when putting it on the stand. gives you a better hold on the bike.

      i use pit bull stands, pricey, but this is my baby we are talking about jacking up in the air and i wanted stands i wouldn't have to worry about. i had a lpusa stand for quite awhile, it worked but it was pretty crappy

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        Gotta get spools Welcome
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            Forgot to say, the spools are on there

            Thanx 4 the welcomes


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              Standard TLP welcome brother

              PitBull are the shiznit

              What's a bike-grab

              Got any pics
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                I have to build a La Chock grabber.
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                  Pitbull here too... Across the pond, you might check the Demontweeks catalog for the Anglo equivalent.
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                    dont try LPs they blow but i got them for free, so i cant complain too much...and welcome

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                      i use the pit bull spooled rear stand and love it. i usually put the bike in gear so it doesn't roll forward. stand on the left side of the bike and get the bike up right. put left hand on the tank and right hand on the tail hump and balance the bike while walking around the rear of the bike where i already have the stand waiting for me. i kind of lean the left exhaust can against my left leg, balance the bike with my left hand and place the rear stand under the spools and check both sides, then push down on the stand and pat myself on the back for not dropping the bike . its very easy after a couple of tries. get a friend to help you the first couple of times if you don't feel comfortable.

                      and welcome
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                        Hello, Handy stands? Handy Industries has front and rear for 99 US dollars. The front isnt as stable as the pit bull but it does its job. You can't beat the price.
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                          I've got a Pit Bull front and an L-P rear. Both have been cut down - made them a tad easier to work with.

                          Congratulations and WELCOME!
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                            Cheers guys.

                            Here's a link to Bike-Grab.