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  • I don't get it

    I leave my house everyday at 2:15pm to get to work for 3pm, regardless if I'm riding the bike or driving the car. When I drive, I do 65-70 mph TOPS on the highway, I get in at 3pm. When I'm on the bike, I'm doing 90-100 mph and....yup, get here at 3pm.
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    Your hitting different street light cycles and or different traffic patterns that end up cancelling out the extra speed of the bike. A similiar thing happens to me in the morning. Sometimes if I leave 5 minutes late I can get to work ten minutes earlier than I normally would just because of different traffic patterns.
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      I find it easier to just jump in the car and go. With the bike, pull it out, put gear on, let her warm up.........
      That takes about 5-10 minutes, so I don't know where your losing it at.
      I know nothing about bikes.


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        ....gotta factor in the gear



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          Gear is it, and stowing your crap under the seat, and letting the bike warm up because you don't ride away w the temp showing "79"....
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            Originally posted by TLSBill
            Gear is it, and stowing your crap under the seat, and letting the bike warm up because you don't ride away w the temp showing "79"....
            I ride away right after it starts... I hold the throttle wide open... and pin the sucker on the rev limiter for 10 seconds. Then... all my engine problems are gone.
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              you got the b/w ,slower one so suzuki made it to seem you were doing 80-90 ,so youd think that you were going the birdie
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                Hey Steve - Do your Math Thing here would ya?
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                  Just ride faster
                  Originally posted by TLCURT
                  Because TL's fucking rock.

                  It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                    Originally posted by Bugtooth
                    Hey Steve - Do your Math Thing here would ya?
                    I'm working on it...
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                      My 20 minute commute to work in my truck can easily turn into an all day affair when I'm on my bike......the damn thing is too much fun to ride and I find myself looking for the long way every time!!!!
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                        I tend to take the long way to and from work when I ride. (I guess I should say, I take the shortest route possible when I drive...I ride every day)
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                          In Through The Out Door

                          I get to work 20%-30% faster on the bike, including gear before and after the ride, plus I have to change shoes and get coffee when I get there (I run 30 to 40 mph faster on the bike and do not have to have a clear passing zone like in the Honda Civic). I am ready to go when I ride the bike, a bit sluggish if I cage it.....


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                            While Steve is crunching numbers and converting them into cubits/microsecond I'll put forth a little theory.

                            When you say you go about 80-90 on the bike, is this a sustained speed or just the speed you try to go? The time it takes you is based on your average speed. So, you could be hitting higher speeds when traffic lets you, but then getting stuck at lights and behind slow trucks can drag your ave bike speed to basically what it would be driving the cage.

                            When I go to campus I find that from home to desk is basically the same time whether I am on the sv or the mountain bike. I go alot faster on the sv, but then I have wait at lights, stop signs, and dodge pedestrians. The pushy's top speed is much slower, but I rarely have to put a foot down, so the two average out the same.

                            Now where are those numbers Steve?


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                              Well, that's the whole thing I don't get. I go the same way everytime. Traffic is always the same and there are only 4 traffic lights I need to take. On average I catch all 4 of them It's 35 miles to work, 25 is all highway and the other 10 is back roads with a speed limit of 35mph.

                              In my car, it's always 65-70mph, if I get stuck behind slow trucks or whatever, I just slow down and don't go around them if it requires speeding up over 70. I always do the 35-40mph on the back roads into work.

                              On the bike, it's always between 85-95mph, faster if I have a clear lane with no traffic. Once I get past a couple of known speed traps, I will do a quick burst up to 125 or so, then right back down to 95. For some reason, 95mph seems to be a comfortable cruising speed. If I get stuck behind someone and I'm doing 95 (left lane bandits ) I will go around them. I do the same 35-40mph on the back roads too.

                              I know putting on my gear and warming up the bike takes a couple of minutes, but in the car, I always let that warm up too, so I think the time is negligable.

                              Oh well, it's no big deal, just something that's been bugging me for a couple of weeks now
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