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rock and a hard place

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  • rock and a hard place

    i got the exhaust on and the rear hp is 128 on a dyno what is stock. took the bike out yesterday and it ran great i mean better than all summer it felt more level so to speak i think because now i have pipes on both sides. well anyways hears the hard place went to my local dealer to show off and they had pics of the new r1 up saying they will be here soon. well i want that bike i mean bad it has everything i am trying to do to this one and more. my bike is a 2001 tlr b/w i am thinking of saleing what do i do what do i do if i sale it may be in a whole or as parts i would be saleing hole at 3200 firm ,tread is good, i don't know how to wheelie or burn out so bike is in good shape just changed oil and spark and so on. the price is the way it is because there will be no plastics i have a guy wanting to buy them now well the left side belly and upper anyways so i have the right and tail with solo left. anyways what is a man to do?

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    Talk to Crashtd, R1 turncoat and TLR parter.
    "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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      can you say hammerit, and track whore? i can....


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        can you say spell check...jeeeeez