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    does any one out there know how to fix a broken fairing heres what i got baisicly one of the tabs on my fairings broke off but it took a little of the fairing with it . It is a clean break so its not like i am trying to fill a hole or anything i was thinking jb weld but i dont want to see it any suggestions
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    They make a special bonding agent for ABS. It kind of melts the stuff back together as aposed to glueing it back. that or maybe plastic welding. I haven't had a chance to use mine yet so I can't speak on how good that would work.

    But if it's plastic please do not use JB weld. If you can't get the right stuff for ABS You can super glue it back in place tehn support the back of it with fibergalss resign that can be purchased at walmart for about $7. The bad thing about the fiberglass stuff is that it doesn't flex like the plastic will.
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      Oh, I also forgot.

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        you could buy a fairing from me



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          Methel Ethel Keytone (couple bucks for a quart at the local hardware store). Put a couple drops (NOT TOO MUCH) on the plastic where it broke and hold the pieces together for a minute or two. Good as new.

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            Plastic welding works the best but they make a special adhesive for plastics(you could get at a part store or body shop supply outfit), you would just have to bevel out the crack on the backside and scratch up with 80grit some of the plastic on the backside surrounding your bevel so the adhesive has something to adhere to. this is assuming you won't refinish the exterior
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              I have used plastic solvent glues (basicaly MEK) used in model building found at most hobby stores. If you need to use a resin and cloth, do not use polyester based resin. Use an epoxy based resin like Z-Poxy used in R/C airplane building, again found at most hobby stores. The epoxy resin is flexible and not affected by heat.
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                Epoxy works great
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