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Questions about PC2, airbox mod and triple camp removal

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  • Questions about PC2, airbox mod and triple camp removal

    I have a few questions:

    1. Is it posiable to remove the top triple clamp with out bracing the bike, or will i need to string the bike up to the rafters

    2. Adding a PC2 what sort of gains would i get or does it just smooth everything out. As at the moment I have Yoshi cans but want to go full system at the end of Feb04.
    -PC2 with yoshi cans
    -PC2 with yoshi cans and air box mod
    -PC2 with full yoshi system and air box mod

    3. Air box mod - I believe that the Australian models didnt have the pair vlave What can I do to the airbox to get more HP.

    4. Can I do the airbox mod eventhough I dont have a PC2 yet

    5. +2 rear for a TLR seems like the norm, has anyone gone +3 or +4

    thanks in advance,
    2006 749 Ducati and a 1998 TLR-1000 track bike

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    Sure, you can take the top triple clamp off with it on the side stand.

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      Australian bikes don't have the pair system, but they do have the flappers in the airbox, so Joe V's mod will help you.

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        +2 is the norm for the rear (tlr and tls). if ya stick at +2, you dont need to replace the chain. instead of going +3 or 4 at the rear, you could just go -1 on the front


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          PCII with Airbox Mod and Full Yosh will equal =

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            Do the PC2 with full yoshi system and air box mod and you'll think your on a completely different bike!
            As for the airbox mod-maybe this will help-