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  • Hammerit TLR page updated...

    Guys I just updated the main TLR page on our website. Please take a look and tell me what you think.

    I'm busy working on the TLS page now, should have it up soon.

    [email protected]

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    Much better now.
    "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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      Yupp, easier.

      But, I do think you should have the prices on the page. I know, I know - more job for the admins. But, at least put the prices in SA currency and point out that you recive payment in USD (Or, why not in Euro... )

      Just my $0.02
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        Hey Pierre
        Its great......I probably wouldn't have been overly critical of the old page, but by comparison, the new one is a lot more orderly and so easier and quicker to find exactly what you want.

        Well done

        PutteLiten just posted ahead of me...perhaps he's got a point about the price.
        Quote your price in S.African currency, and have a link from the site to a currency conversion page...I've seen this type of thing on a few other sites that do international trade. Everyone likes to have some idea of pricing, particularly when comparing to an OEM priice. Just another thought.
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          Good work pierre
          Originally posted by TLCURT
          Because TL's fucking rock.

          It's a cult own one is to love one.


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            Very nice!


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              Good work Pierre!
              Yepper, Still Alive.


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                Hey man the page looks awesome and your products look better than ever, was curious why the prices arent listed? Also will there be a TLS page revision in the works?


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                  Re: Hammerit TLR page updated...

                  redvtwin2 :dunno

                  Originally posted by Hammerit
                  I'm busy working on the TLS page now, should have it up soon.

                  "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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                    yup very nice.. definately need prices even if they are in ZA ...
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                      Yeah looks good. Very nice.

                      Couple of questions:
                      How much are you carbon look belly pans?
                      How much are you your plain black air tube covers?

                      Bye Bye Tiller


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                        I'm on there
                        Haha, great choice for the custom paintjob ad

                        Darn guys, why didn't you tell me about the undertail pipes

                        Can you give me a raw indication of pricing on those?
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                          Looks great, just e-mailed you for some prices


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                            Originally posted by Steve TLS
                            Much better now.
                            <img src="">


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                              Like the changes and also emailed you for prices!