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need a PC2 map for tls

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  • need a PC2 map for tls

    Hi folks !

    I own a '99 TLS. To gain more power in the mid range, i opened the airbox on the bottom and removed the flapper. Now it's running a bit lean.
    I installed a Powercommander, but i can't find a map for a tls with an opened Airbox.
    I use Termignoni bolt-on pipes (street-legal).

    Can anyone send me a map or give me a link to download it ?
    I like to play with it......

    Nice forum !!!!

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    have you tried fattening it up via the buttons on the pc2? i know it isnt a map, but it may help until you are able to find one

    oh...and welcome to the planet

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      Yes, i tried to do it with the buttons. Now i can drive my tl.
      But i think it would be better to have a map.
      Perhaps i have do go to a dynometer.



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        A Dynocenter will take care of it
        Originally posted by TLCURT
        Because TL's fucking rock.

        It's a cult own one is to love one.