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Been riding the TLS

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  • Been riding the TLS

    man, that bike is a blast! It's got it's strong points as does my 929.

    One pronlum I have though, when I hit the start button the bike won't start. The oil logo blinks on the instrument panel. I can start the bike by shorting the sylonoid under the seat, then it runs fine. Any ideas guys?

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    do you hear the fuel pump cycle on when you turn the key on? the kill switch is in the on position? did you have the clutch pulled in, or jump the clutch switch to check? check the kick stand switch if its in gear and wont start........just some simple things i'm sure you already looked at
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        Run switch is on, bike in neutral and kickstand up. If it doesn't start then, you've got problems somewhere


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          thanks for the advice guys.

          The run switch is buted in half and barley hanging on, but when I flip it to the on position I do hear the fuel pump kick in

          My bike did take a hard hit to the right clipon, could be a busted ingnition button maybee. I'll play with it this week end and let you guys know what's up.

          Still got my trusty flathead screwdriver, that always starts her up real quick