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    I was reading through the service manual tonight coming to grips with getting the frame ready for powdercoating. One thing that became very apparent was that there's a whole lot of special tools with Suzuki P/N's that are called for.

    I've got a Lowe's and Sear Hardware close by and always run down to pick up the odd tool that I find myself in need for, however if I truly need these proprietary tools I'll buy the whole lot right now. A buddy of mine who owns a gixxer order the security torx wrench for adjusting the TPS. It was crazy expensive ($15+ from what I remember) and all it was was an L-shaped piece of alloy with the proper bit on the end. I went to the hardware store and bought a whole set of security torx bits for $6.

    If that price is any indication I can imagine the small fortune it will cost for some of the more elaborate tools.

    Are there any "Suzuki" tools that I will absolutely need to order before I start tearing everything off the frame?
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    there is a special socket called for to remove the swingarm, but you can make one by simply buying a cheap-o socket the same size as the nut and grinding on it until there are 4 tabs left sticking down at the 12/3/6/9 o'clock positions. others have just tapped it with a drift and hammer and gotten it loose.

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      Yeah Ive had the TL stripped and I didnt need any Suzuki tools. Just get a hammer and punch and tap the swingarm bolt. The other can be removed with sockets.

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