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  • Stock suspension settings

    OK. I know you guys might tell me to just go do a search but I would rather have some input from people my size. I would like to setup my stock suspension to a good "starting point" before I fine tune. I am 6' 1" (184 centimeters?) and fluctuate between 195-200 Lbs. (86-90 Kg) and tend to dig pretty hard in the canyons. The roads around here are not always smooth but I don't mind a tight suspension. On the forks; The manual says to go to full compression and rebound (clockwise) then "back off" (counter-clockwise) in clicks to the desired setting. Also, what do you have the spring pre-load set to? On the rear shock; The manual says to turn them in fully then back out 15 clicks to get to "standard position". What is your setup in clicks from the "standard position" cold and the rear shock spring pre-load? Thanks for any input and advice.

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    i'm about the same size as you.......i started with "jamies settings" you can find those in the frequent mods section of this forum. they worked pretty good for me. i just recently had the forks raised in the tripple clamps and haven't ridden it yet. i would start there and make sure the sag still meets specs for you.

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      Cool! Thanks for the link. It is showing the back tire @ 36 psi. I normally run 40-42 on the back. What do you have your rear tire psi at with these suspension settings?