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Noise Violations May Close JenningsGP

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  • Noise Violations May Close JenningsGP


    In the face of local government threats to shut the facility down for noise violations, JenningsGP (formerly North Florida Motorsports Complex) Executive Director Bill Brown is asking racers to help keep the racetrack open.

    According to Brown, there is pressure from local government officials to close the racetrack due to noise violations. Brown is asking racers to write to Hamilton County in support of keeping the JenningsGP racetrack open.

    The problem stems from repeated violation of the 87 dB noise limit placed on the track, measured at the property line.

    The Db measurement of sound levels works on a logarithmic scale, i.e., an increase from 87 to 90 dB indicates twice as much as sound.

    For reference, Laguna Seca's sound limit is 92 dB for motorcycles, while Buttonwillow, Thunderhill and Infineon Raceway have 103 dB motorcycle sound limits. Portland International Raceway has a 105 dB vehicle sound limit. Bridgehampton Raceway on Long Island, which closed in the late 1990s, operated under a 102 dB at-the-motorcycle limit and a 70 dB limit at the property line.

    Independent tests of automobiles have shown that the ambient sound level inside a typical sedan traveling at 70 mph is around 70 dB, with the radio off.

    Authorities have been taking sound measurements at the JenningsGP fence line during event weekends, and say the 87 dB limit has repeatedly been exceeded.

    During the recent AHRMA weekend at the facility, the noise limit was broken again, according to Brown. The county notified the track that any more violations of the sound limit could result in closure of the facility.

    Brown said the track is attempting to get the county to either raise the sound limit to 94 dB--more than four times the current sound limit--or grant the track exemptions for event weekends. He is urging all racers who have participated in track days or races at the facility and would like to see the track continue operations to write or e-mail the county.

    Brown said that Hamilton County is one of the poorest counties in Florida, and Jennings GP brings many outsiders who spend significant amounts of money on food and lodging in the county.

    Brown is asking all racers to write in, stating, “That’s what’s gonna convince them. Money.” Brown added that angry letters “won’t do any good,” and reminded those who write in to refrain from doing anything that could make the track's situation more difficult. attempted to contact Hamilton County Commissioner Ronny C. Morgan for comment but our call was unreturned as of post time.

    Interested racers can e-mail comments to: [email protected], or write to Ronny C. Morgan, County Commissioner, 207 NE First Street, Jasper, FL 32052

    By Michael Hannas

    Copyright 2003, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

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    your average train has more db.....
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      Originally posted by katana750
      your average train has more db.....
      Not to mention aiports....


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        I'll be sending an email. Id really hate to see a track get closed for something petty like that, especially since I haven't had a chance to get down there for a track day yet.


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          i dont understand why a county that isnt making any money is going to close up something that is making them money for some petty schit.
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            That area doesn't have much of a reason to go there except for motorcycle racing and cavediving. We have been harassed by Larry Law while cavediving before. Let the people come and spend money, it can only help the economy in that area.
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              If it closes, where will SweetPants go ??
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                Sounds like the real issue is somebody in government wants that track closed.

                Race bikes have gotten quieter over the years. Even the full race systems have long cannisters on them which are much quiter than the shorty baffles and Bassani megaphones of yore.

                If someone can't appreciate the sound of a TL, or any modern high rpm I4 for that matter, when it is on song, to hell with them.

                I get more ambient noise than that from the damn freeway that runs by my house
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                  Sounds like typical political BS. Some one has a hair up their ass and feels like closing an honest business is going to make them feel better. I hope they can find a way around this. That sound limit is VERY low, though.
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                    sigh, sound limits suck

                    We had a sweet track shut down here 13 years ago, Westwood course in Coquitlam BC, now 10 years later we finally got a local place to race at thats even farther away, a drag strip turned into a piece of shit crappy dangerous road course

                    I sure wished i was old enough back then to ride that track