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  • Bad battery

    A few months ago my battery leaked and ruined my left cowl and under-tray on my 99' TL1000R. Fortunately the Dealership was nice enough to have "Bikemaster" warranty the battery as well as my plastic. (Thank God!! $550.00!) I decided not to put on the new plastic until I was sure that the new battery was good. Sure enough, it is leaking just like the first. I checked voltage while the bike was running, it was at 13.7 volts. That's about right for a 12 volt battery, while running, is it not? That shouldn't be hurting the battery is it? If something is wrong with my bike, the dealer will probably be a little ticked that it was not the battery's fault the first go around.

    So if my voltage is right, could it be just a bad batch of batteries from Bikemaster? Should I buy the expensive battery to remedy this? Or what else could it be if the voltage is ok? I want to put on my new plastic!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Bad battery

    Originally posted by kivmax
    Should I buy the expensive battery to remedy this?
    YUASA! That bikemaster battery might not be up to being on it's side al the time.


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      .........go with proven brands that work for our bikes, and don't tell the dealer
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        yuasa work great. and they need to be sealed, otherwise they will leak.


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          bad battery

          The Bikemaster battery 'is' sealed, it is made for the TL1000R, it leakes each time out of the corner of the seal that almost touches the 'battery lid cowl'. It is F'n weird! Damn cheap battery!! So I guess if my voltage is right, there shouldn't be anything else causing it. I will buy a YUASA and enjoy my new plastic. By the way, the new plastic helped get rid of an ugly crack on the old cowl.

          Hopefully YUASA fixes the problem............