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Valve Spring Failure

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  • Valve Spring Failure

    Has anybody heard of a tl S or R dropping a valve, mine did and does it suck. The sound of my baby after the valve let go gives me nightmares. It was the exhaust valve closest to the cam chain, i'm kinda lucky (if you can call it that) that it was the front cylinder so it's been easy to get to, havent had to drop the engine out yet, so far the exhaust cam is toast, as well as the valve and spring, and where the valve and spring sit in the head has been smashed up beyond repair so that means a new head as well, i havent yet taken the head off to inspect the barrel and piston (dont know if i want to) but it looks like the valve may of jammed shut as it was the upper part that destroyed itself, so here's hoping no little bits of debris has dropped in, but i'm not fancying my chances. I saw a post earlier about going to after market valve springs cause of failures with standard ones, but so far i have not heard of any at all dropping a valve.

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    Never heard that one
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      I hope that is not the problem with mine
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        if the valve springs are the same as the SV's talk to zoran over @ twinworks. the 1's he has made for his race bikes last longer than stock and other aftermarket. the other aftermarket springs are too brittle. a missed downshift, bump against the rev limiter and you could see some costly damage.
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