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TLR wont start

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  • TLR wont start

    just put a different motor in my TLR. now, the motor will crank, but not start. i am looking for ideas on what to check that i have overlooked. the only item new here is the motor itself. the throttle bodies, electronics and fuel lines were on my bike from before(and operating fine). there is fuel in the tank. the spark plugs are new. the battery is good. there are no fault codes(only c00). spraying starting fluid in the intakes has no effect. i know the coils are good because they were kept from my previous motor which ran great(yea, so why did i sell it?). i have double checked all electric and fuel connections to see that they are tightly coupled.

    will trying to push start the bike do grievous harm cause i am tempted to have a friend rope me down the street.

    thanks in advance for suggestions.
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    first off if it will crank and not catch it probably won't start with a push start.

    Check the vacum hoses are connected properly. It doesn't take much. I accidenlty disconnected one while adjusting the TPS and the bike died and wouldn't start up until I plugged it back in.
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      Check all the fuses?
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        I'm sure a lot of others will chime in with suggestions, but I would first pull the spark plug wires off and hold them next to a ground to see if you are getting a spark.

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          spark plugs

          even though they where good when you put them in they could have went bad when trying to start and start and start. i would put new plugs in check wires check fuses and then try to start it.


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            spark, fuel, air...............
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              yes, recheck all hoses, check for spark, and fuel. does your fuel pump humm when you first turn it on? if so, try turning it off then on again like 5 times before starting.


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                Check that the bank angle sensor is connected properly and not upside down or something as that will cause the problem you are having.
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                  Ok, after rebuilding mine I overlooked a plug located near the left side of the sub-frame. It would crank but not start. A buddy goes hey does that need to be plugged in. Plugged it in and it fired right up.
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                    I second the tip over sensor box suggestion. If that is put on upside down, the bike will think it is tipped over. The engine will crank, lights come on, but no sparks and no running. It is very easy to put it on upside down on a TLS.

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                      Yeh my tip over sensor was plugged in but not tight enough. Had the bike in the garage at home, started fine, got to the track the next morning and no start Just kept cranking, turns out we just hadn't clipped it in quite right and it had worked loose.
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