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  • TLR and TLS forks

    I thought I had read everything about the forks and common sense would make be believe that they were the same except for the TLR forks having beefier internals. Well thatís not the case.

    My 03 TLR forks arrived yesterday and with a little free time in the evening I put them on.

    Standing them together you can instantly see the size difference between the two.

    Out came the measuring tapeÖ

    Looks like the ĎSí forks are ~5/8Ē longer than the ĎRísí.

    Also, the bottoms of the forks are very different.

    Another difference was this little tab that stuck up from the fender mounting point. My guess is that this part on a ĎSí is straight from a Gixxer since they have two fender mounting points on that side of the fork.

    Did any of this stop me from mounting themÖ Of course not! I no longer have them raised in the triples though. I wonít be able to check the clearances for another few days but I donít think itís going to be too much of an issue.

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    On the bike...


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      lookin good .......I'm paint'n mine gunmetal this winter but damn the TLS looks good in blue, how was the install?
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            Very Nice... that setup with the gold 6 potters makes the front end look so much less cheap and nasty than the stockers.

            Thats how they should look


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              REALLY nice set... I'll bet the TLR ones are lighter too... That upper part looks like it has been more agressively turned with lathe... more angles and stuff..

              I take no liability if someone burns up his/her TL with Jarkko/Sparkko/plus mod It's safe if it's done right....

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                those look really nice. can you notice a difference in the handling
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                  Very interesting Bernie. I'd never noticed the extra length on the guard mounting tab before, hmm those with a std "S" front end who want to save a few grams of unsprung weight can hack them off so they resemble the "R" forks.

                  5/8" ~ 15.875mm, what was the difference between the 03 Gixxerforks and the TLS Rupes? If the TLR ones work for Bernie, maybe the Gixxer length will work for you?
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                    how was the install?
                    Relatively painless. A good front end stand (not the one in the pictures) goes a long way.

                    can you notice a difference in the handling
                    I finished late last night and it's cold and rainy now... Might be a few days before I get to test it out.

                    If the TLR ones work for Bernie...
                    I'm a bit worried about the shortness of the TLR forks and clearances. Not to mention this is the equivalent to dropping a standard fork ~15mm (at least).

                    Until I can get out for a good ride I wonít know if this is a good upgrade for a TLS or not.


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                      Originally posted by Steve TLS

                      5/8" ~ 15.875mm
                      Ooopps... Looking at my notes and the shots again the difference is closer to 3/4" or ~19mm


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                        I should have picked it up in your pics too

                        How can you bottom out the forks stationary to check the clearance? Pull the springs out and lower the bike? 19mm might make for some twitchy handling
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                          TLS forks 503mm versus Gixxer's 487mm ---- 16mm

                          I have to measure the overall length from the top of the clamp to the center of the axle to be sure of the actuall difference.

                          You can, I found out lengthen the forks by changing the internal bumpstops (30mm springs) to rubber R1 bumpstops about 13mm, gonna do mine when I change the springs an valves. Anyway thats the Racetech guy told me, any longer than that and you have to look at changing the damper rod out for a longer one.


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                            TLS 725mm versus GSXR 737mm overall length

                            Hmmm only 12mm difference

                            Hey bernie, the difference in yours, is that overall or just the stantions


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                              Originally posted by rupes
                              TLS 725mm versus GSXR 737mm overall length

                              Hmmm only 12mm difference

                              Hey bernie, the difference in yours, is that overall or just the stantions
                              It's the overall length.

                              TLS: 30 1/16 (777.875mm)*
                              TLR: 29 7/16 (747.7125mm)*

                              *Not including fork cap.