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Do gixxer 1K forks fit in the TLR triple?

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  • Do gixxer 1K forks fit in the TLR triple?

    Do they?

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    yes but your gonna have to change the springs due to the weight difference.
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      unless your talking 03 forks in which case you can and you cant ,...long story


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        Re: Do gixxer 1K forks fit in the TLR triple?

        Originally posted by HandJuice
        Do they?
        From what I've head they do not fit the TLR clamps.
        At least not the lower clamp. I seem to remember a few guys doing the mod and either using the 1K clamps or getting shims made for the TL lower clamp.


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          What's the benefit? Bling bling color. Paint your forks for that.
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            the 2001, 2002 G1K forks will fit the TL. you would also need gixxer front fender and calipers. the caliper mounting points are closer than on the TL forks. i have had G1K forks on my TL for over 5K miles of track and road use with no problems. i did the swap because the G1K forks i got had already had stiffer springs and valving put in them that matched my weight. some guys say the lower triple from the TLR is too large diameter for the G1k forks. they may well be right, but it is working for me with no problems at all.
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              Re: Do gixxer 1K forks fit in the TLR triple?

              Ok but can you use your front wheel?
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                Re: Do gixxer 1K forks fit in the TLR triple?

                Yes you can use the TL wheel, you are using the TL triples, so you have the same wheel spacing. If you wanted to use a newer GSXR wheel, I make spacers for that.
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                  Re: Do gixxer 1K forks fit in the TLR triple?

                  Whats the reason for doing this?