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Anybody had any engine problems?

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  • Anybody had any engine problems?

    Hi everyone, this is my first posting to this site, although Iíve been reading the board for some time.
    I was in my local dealer the other day getting some valve shims and the mechanic there has got me worried. He asked me how many miles my TLS had done. When I told him 16,000 he said that they had had a few TLís with engine problems around that mileage, namely main bearing and output shaft bearing failures. Has anyone on here had any engine problems?

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    Pauly, welcome

    Well, you prolly know already that this place has tons of info and bike-whizzkids.

    I ride a tiller (35.000 kms) and no problems with the engine at all yet.
    But I can't vouch for the Tillis offcourse
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      Never heard of bearing failure on TL's. Just problems within the heads. Cam and valve problems. I wouldn't worry about it. Just as long as you are keeping the oil on the sight glass. Might make sure that no anti-freeze is mixing with the oil. You can tell if it is mixing through the color of the oil, it will be milky if there is any water present. This would most definately cause premature bearing failure.

      Other than that I wouldn't worry about it and what would a dealer know. My TLR has 13K on the clocks and she runs like a dream.
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        Overall the TL motor is well built. Poor sevicing intervals and too much thrashing (wheelies etc) will shorten the life of any motor. Look after it, replacing the oil often and you will have no more problems than any other make or model

        And Welcome
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          Yes, there have been instances that the TL motor goes bad, but think of it this way. For $900 shipped, it's less expensive than buying a Penske rear shock at $1200, cheaper than a new set of bodywork, and even a new paint job(depending how detailed it is).


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            21,000 K on my 02 TLR up here in canada.. lots of that on one wheel... Bike is running better than new.
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              27,000klms on mine and still singing sweetly.. A motorcycle engine is considered a much more high performance engine than what you'd find in a car because of the higher rpm's but if you measure the actual piston speed and consider the scale theyre not much different. I can't see any reason why you cant get a good 100,000 at least out of a m/c engine, TL's one included, just a matter of maintenance. I know a mate whos a courier who got 190,000klms out of his CBR600F before it needed a top end rebuild and he fanged the crap out of it. 15,000-20,000k's is nothing, the motors just starting to settle in.


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                My TLS likes to leak out the countershaft seal. Need to fix that when I get time...
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                  Got 100k out of my blade and it still pulls as hard as ever and doesn't use or drop any oil at all. Gone through 2 gearboxes though Too many wheelies off the line
                  Retired the TLR for a Gixxer 1K. Sorry boys I sold you out


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                    I think he is just trying to scare so he can buy it off of you cheap
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                      ..........and Welcome
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                        Thanks for the replies, guys, it sounds like I shouldn't worry too much. I change the oil every 2-3000 miles and don't really thrash it so hopefully it should be ok. When someone tells you something like that it makes you think about selling it on, which would be a shame as it's been a great bike. Not without it's problems though.


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                          i have a 97 and no problems whatsoever. 14 thousand miles. i change oil regularly. at 15k i know a valve shim check / and or adjust is required.... the only ones i know of that have gone bad are ones that have been wheelied for miles on end...


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                            19.000 miles, 120 rear wheel slickpowers, 102 Nm torque, sweet as it ever was!

                            And welcome!
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                              I ride a TLR, not a TLS, but, nonetheless

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