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TL gone forever?

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  • TL gone forever?

    Well i just finished coming off the site and I could not find the TL. Maybe I am just a slow poke but i remember about 2 months ago the site still listed the 2004 TL 1000 R. Now, it is gone. Too bad no companies want to put the R/D into V-Twins. Is there any word of comeback? Or is the TL just going to fade away, off into the crimson sunset?

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    Nope - Relegated to the history of motorcycling
    Retired the TLR for a Gixxer 1K. Sorry boys I sold you out


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      The TL - king is dead
      Hail the new King SVR...

      Oh, well. Dreaming is still for free...
      TL1000R -99. Yellow/Black.
      M4 Full system(Alu), K&N Filter, TRE mod, removed Pair valve. Yoshimura clutch cover, removed Scissor gears, Carbon fibre hugger, carbon fibre rearhugger, HammerIt TLR/R fairings, Gilles Toolings rearset. Pazzo racing levers, shorties, Íhlins rear, Brembo front brakes, ET79 undertail, blah blah blah...


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        the sv's have way more technology into them then the tl's did. too bad that they have old tech forks.......


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          Ya, but the SVR is not the TL. The letters T and L together sound way more bad ass than S and V. Plus, would you trade your TL for an SV, my opionion, I DONT THINK SO!


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            Hell No ! I just got mine a few weeks ago and I'm looking forward to the long list of mods I'm gonna do to my new baby.

            After I'm finished with the bolt-ons I'm gonna rip her open (gently of course) to do the head and pistons.

            This is too sweet a machine to give up. Besides, not many people out there own one. All the more reason I brandish 'er with a smile
            If you can still hear the sirens behind you, yer not going fast enough

            TL Mods:
            ZG Double Bubble, CF levers, Clear lens, 41t rear anodized & hardened, BMC filter, TRE

            My other rides:
            '98 Chevy 4.3 S10 stepside
            '04 Honda Civic Ex


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              no, but i would put a new sv alongside my tls


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                Originally posted by horkn
                the sv's have way more technology into them then the tl's did. too bad that they have old tech forks.......
                Other than better fuel injection system, they really aren't any more advanced than the TL line