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    So I am finally getting a full system for the bike and cannot decide between the M4 full race tucked in or the yoshimura. both in SS or TI. costs are comparable so not an issue there. Need experiences with either or both if you have them. looking for most objective info HP, Torque, sound, anything you got. I have look at dynos m4 123 up from 113 stock and yosh is 121 up from 116. Little help on this one would be appreciated.
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    get the yosh. nuff said. hell yosh used to do development for the tiller, so i think they know what to do for an exhaust system.

    plus they look waaay better, and youll be happy with the hp gain from either system. i just dont see any m4 pipes that look like they are worth what ya pay for them.

    that said, i have not seen an m4 pipe that looks good after a few my yosh fSare from 97, and they still look pretty damn good.


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      Someone else here posted dyno results for the Yosh and the M4 and the M4 was definitely better.

      If you want looks, go for the Yosh

      But if performance is what you are safter, then M4 all the way

      I think I'm gonna go with the one I get a better deal on. That way I still have money for more mods
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        I've had both Full M4 High Mounts on my 97 TLS and Full Yosh on my 99 both in Ti.

        I dig the M4, not everyone has them, so they stand out, kind of like the TL's already do. They make more power than the Yosh, that's been proven. I think they sound a little deeper, the Yosh makes the TL's sound a little bit more like a Duc in my opinion :0


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          what can i say? i dig my full tucked m4 system. i do like the way the yosh system looks, but the m4 sounds better imo, is less common, and i'm very happy with the power gains.
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            Yup, Mike, go with the M4's if you're looking for performance and sound. You heard how deep mine sound. I had the YOSH RS3's on my TLS and the quality seems about equal to me. Just my opinion.


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              I just put the yosh full system on mine and I love it. I have read that the M4 makes 1 to 2 more HP. I personally like the looks of the yosh better.I don't think you can go wrong either way, just get the one you like the best.
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                I was thinking about dropping the slip-ons and going full system this winter and those are the two options I was considering also. I'm kind of into the look of carbon so I was leaning towards the Yosh. Anybody have an M4 carbon system? I saw some slip-ons once and they didn't have the same look as the Yosh in my opinion. So what's a good price for an M4 ti full system? I'm basing everything on the Yosh prices from Mark. Sorry to hijack the thread.
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                  Hey don't worry about it the more the merrier. Jerret I know I liked the sound of your m4 compared to the d&d's I currently run. they sounded smoother than my d&d's and the gains are there too. Thanks guys I was looking for the HP and the tucked system since it is not available in the yosh system just needed a little encouragement and user feedback. I'm going M4, thanks
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                    alien_tank you got some pics of the full tucked system you could post?
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                      Originally posted by russomf
                      alien_tank you got some pics of the full tucked system you could post?

                      you gonna need one of these

                      <img src="">


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