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    After speaking with Suzuki's head office they are standing by the ECM replacement was a customer satisfaction initiative and not a mandated recall. His only suggestion was to bring it to the dealer and let them determine if there is a problem and the dealer must then try to convince Suzuki for compensation for the replacement.

    So I may try another dealer in the area, but am not holding my breath.

    I know there is at least one other person on here with an original 97, how have you made it more drivable?
    I have already done the TPS and synced the TB's.
    Would a Techlusion or PCII improve this, or do you need to start with a good "brain" in the first place?

    P.S. My mileage is already a mere 27-28 MPG, would either of these fueling systems lower that further?

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    PCII with appropriate map would cure that problem. at least, it did for me

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