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  • How hot is your TL

    how hot does your TL run? mine stays around 180-190 when i'm moving. yesterday i hit a record hi of 225, at that point i pulled into a parking lot, and shut the bike off for about 10minutes. this temp was reached during rush hour traffic, which i normally try to avoid. at what temp should i really worry about the bike at, 225 to me seemed a little high. i still need to get the fan switch, which i will do shortly.


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    Hey man , my bike usually averages about 180-190 as well , however i live in florida and my bike has never, even in the most congested traffic reached 225...thats pretty extreme. I think my highest was 211 and that was on a roasting day at a standstill.....i dont' have a fan switch either. By the way i have a tls don't know which you have


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      I wouldn't recommend turning your bike off when it is that hot. The fan should have been kicking on around that temperature, allowing the cooler coolant to circulate. If you could have gotten a little air flow (take a minor detour), the temp comes down quickly.

      The only reason I wouldn't turn off my bike when it is too hot, is that I remember when I had a diesel (Volks) old German mechanic told me about that (I don't remember what it was bad for now...but it always stuck with me not to turn off the motor when it was hot).
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        Mine runs at 185 normally.

        When it gets that hot, do NOT shut it off! If you do the fans wont kick on and you could do some heat related damage.
        try to keep moving till it gets back to normal.

        Or buy a switch mod and turn the fans on at 200
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          83 C, usually. In trafic, upp to 103C.

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            I have hit 225 in New Orleans traffic. Now I have a manual fan switch. I just turn it on if i get into stop and go traffic. Keeps it from going over the 200-210 range.
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              My R1 runs at about the same temp as my TL did between 185 225. The R1 also seems to get very hot around the frame. I think its feels about the same as the TL.

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                Turning off the engine will make it quit producing heat but will also keep it from disapating the heat already generated except by radiating it.....

                IE: water pump shuts off and no coolant flows thus not alot of cooling for that scalding hot engine..

                That being said imagine heating a metal object, then removing the heat source, temps will continue to rise until it can stabilize and begin to cool.. what will happen to a TL is that the temp may be so high that the small increase in temps after shutting off could harm the engine.

                my fan will kick on after shutdown if it needs to..but it doesnt move enough air to do near the job circulating coolant/water wetter mix that i run


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                  Usually between 83 and 90 in normal traffic, yesterday I hit a 105 C in very heavy traffic (Red lights and avg. speed 25 Km/h) before the fan it normal with that high a temperature before the fan kicks in?
                  Erhm...Spring? That's in January, right..?


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                    Mine is around 185 while riding, then it creeps up quickly from there. up to 225-230. How should I fix this?
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                      Originally posted by freakinheat
                      Mine is around 185 while riding, then it creeps up quickly from there. up to 225-230. How should I fix this?
                      Manual fan switch?

                      Mine runs 83c, upto 105 in traffic. The best solution is DONT SLOW DOWN!!!
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                        Originally posted by freakinheat
                        Mine is around 185 while riding, then it creeps up quickly from there. up to 225-230. How should I fix this?
                        a manual fan switch is kind of a band aid (although they are a good idea)

                        whens the last time your radiator was flushed? are the fins full of crap? bent? any radiator hoses collapsing (old and soft)?

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                          According to the manuals, TLR fans come on around the 225 range. Mine is at 226. The manual fan switch is a good idea.


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                            My TLS fan comes on at 106C (223F).

                            Read the owners manual, all is explained in it. The FI light will come on when the coolant temperature starts to reach a critically hot temperature. (~248 from memory).


                            Also when you shut off a hot engine, heat rises, so the hottest coolant makes it's way to the top of the engine which is already the hottest part, the heads.
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                              My 98 TL-R hit 229F on the "parking lot" called I-95.
                              I thought my [email protected] were going to catch fire...

                              P.S. I'm doing the fan-switch this weekend.
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