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  • TL1000 to SV650S

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had gone the opposite way and gone from the TL to the SV? In particular the SV650S? I realize there is a world of difference in the HP and TQ, but is the handling a lot different? I saw an SVS for sale and was curious if anyone had any info about this. Thanks.
    '98 TLS with a yellow box and some not-that-new tires.

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    i want one for a track whore. its hard to downsize....


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      that's what i'm doing. i'm still in the middle of prepping my SV though. i can already tell it'll be alot better for me @ the track. the TL was too much of a monster for me. i don't think it's going backwards despite the hp/tq deficit.
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        Hard to compare without actually riding both since they are two very different animals (the TL being the real animal ).

        There are alot of folks on here that have gone sv to tl (BurnCycle comes to mind), maybe send some pm's


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          I imagine you will love the handling of the SV


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            I loved my SVs. In fact I still IM the person I sold it to, to make sure its OK.

            It's a great bike to tinker with as well. So many aftermarket parts its unreal. As you've probably read though it does have it's down side with the suspension, but as a TL owner you should be used to having to deal with that sort of thing.

            The bike has the flick-ability of a supersport even with the shite suspension. It's taken a bit of work on the TLS to get it close to the 'flick-speed' of the SVs.

            The power will be down, but for canyon carving its right where you want it. Also, with a pipe the small twin sound wonderful and a little carb tweak will go a long way.

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              I want an SV pretty much like burncycles to match my TL..

              Mostly for the wife and just to have a pair.

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                I decided to have both.

                The TL-R:

                The SV-S:

                They're really very different motorcycles. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had a TL-S. I've done a couple track days on the SV, and a couple on the TL.

                They're both a lot of fun, but the SV is a *LOT* easier to ride.

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                  '98 TLS with a yellow box and some not-that-new tires.

                  SE WI