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Terry Shepherd Frame Project Questions

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  • Terry Shepherd Frame Project Questions

    Thought I would asnwer all the questions in a new thread. There are new pictures in the airfilter thread.
    1. What am I going to do with it? RIDE IT! It will get a licence plate (easy to do in Wyoming) and should see a fair number of track days.
    2. Time to build? In fact I now have quite a bit of time to work on it. I just had knee surgery and can work on it full time. What really slows things down is getting the parts that it does not come with and I can not make myself made. After waiting 6 weeks for a couple of things to get made I found a real pro to make the rest and he tells me they will be done the end of next week. At that point it will go much faster.
    3.Sub Frame? Its solid as a rock. There is no flex and it weighs next to nothing!
    4.Size? Its tiny and feels like it weighs nothing! But then again I have not ridden anything that weighs less than 500lbs this summer. (That would be 10,000miles on my ZRX 1100 and my brothers ZX-12) The seat to footpeg distance I made as generous as I could to accomodate my knee problems. It should weigh in the 360lbs wet range!
    5.I have no plans for a undertail exhaust. Akropovich makes the best TL system and that is what is on it.
    6.Ugly! Hey its not done and has no paint? I can see what it is going to look like and have the paint planned out. It going to beautiful! Trust me.
    7. It does have ram air! The intake will be under the front nose of the fairing like a Kawasaki. It then comes under the triple clamp and up to the area behind the steering head and right into the front of the airbox.

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      Ugly Hell, I think it's a friggin work of Art.
      TLR is gone...V-Strom'in now.


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        Good job art-keep it up.


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          It looks like if Ducati were to build the TLS, that's how they'd have done it Cromo-tube all the way

          How much was Spondon's setup?
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            That thing is gonna be so much fun on a track. Enjoy!
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              360 Wet with 150 RWHP


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                hey art...where in wyoming? im fairly close to laramie and would like to see that baby sometime

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                  I am in Jackson Hole. Did Spondon make a frame for a TL?


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                    Originally posted by Wondertwin
                    It looks like if Ducati were to build the TLS, that's how they'd have done it Cromo-tube all the way

                    How much was Spondon's setup?

                    it's not spondon.. it's a terry shepard tuning frame..


                    and this motor, will probably be close to 150hp at the wheel..

                    Art's been building TL motors since Day #1 and this bike will be the ballsiest TL since the TL superbike effort.. his last two motors were off the charts when it comes to TL's..
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                      Art.. can you give me a quick idea of the hardest parts to have made, that didn't come with it?

                      Oh, and do you think TLR fairings would even come remotely close to hanging off it?

                      Hope your knee feels better soon.. knees are the second worst behind a bad back, when working on a bike or car
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                        None of them are hard. Its just that I have no way of doing it myself. Any machinest, welder or fabracator can make them. I just have a limeted selection where I live. So I had to go to the nearest big city to me, Idaho Falls. Here is a list of what I had made.
                        1. Radiator mount brackets.
                        2. Sub frame lower mount spacers.
                        3. Battery box.
                        4. Muffler hangers.
                        5. Front fairing mount extenesion
                        7. Upper fairing and windshield mount.
                        8. Rear Wheel spacers.
                        9. Rear set mounts.


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                          Oh and I forgot the ecu mount. The fairing I have is a TLR fairing. Just not stock. My knee deal right now is relativly pain free. The worst thing for working is a hamstring trear. I had one that took three years to heal. But then again I abused it. I think the current pirce for this frame deal is just north of $5k


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                            Is that including the swinger, rear suspension, tank, fairing, airbox...

                            Cool, I can make all that stuff except the spacers.. just making sure it wasn't really hard structural stuff. Good to know TL fairings shouldn't be hard to hang on it.. I was thinking of getting some more cracked pieces, and using them to mold up something with a slightly modified TLR look.

                            Does the swingarm have a hole in it big enough for undertail exhaust? Maybe that's where I got the idea you were going for that. Personally, I kinda like one each side better too.
                            Used to ride a '01 TLR


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                              Frame Kit

                              You know the price to you would depend on how your OZ money does with the English Pound. The price would include frame,gas tank, rear shock,swingarm and anything else you would want from them.