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fall TLS temps?

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  • fall TLS temps?


    I'm new to the board and the TL's I just got mine a week ago. I've been wondering about the temp. It's only gotten up to about 70 degrees lately. I've ridden it in 38 degrees. I don't think my bike is getting warm. I can run 80+mph and not get over 148. slow traffic only rises to about 155. Is this ok for a 97 TL1000S?


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    97's read the temperature in the radiator, so ambient air temp affects the reading. 98+ have the sensor in the thermostat housing and gives a more accurate temperature.

    typical is 80 - 86 C (176 -186F)
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      Welcome to TLP That's an oddone, most run at 185.

      try changing the coolant....maybe you have waterwetter in there
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        That's normal for a 97 TLS in colder temps as you are seeing the radiator temp. Mine is the same way.

        As mentioned already, the newer bikes read the temp from the thermostat housing. Don't worry about it
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          Just a few mods:

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            Originally posted by bx-459
            Back at ya!

            Thanks for the warm welcome!