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fast idle ,where do i lube it) ???

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  • fast idle ,where do i lube it) ???

    any piccies guys....

    my fast idle is being a bit of a shit....and only fast idling maximum 1500....

    any pictures would be good,,

    also tickover thumbscrew is also a bit stiff...also a picture where to lube that would also be good......

    anytime before next weekend will i have something to do on sunday next week..
    and i can do my TPS at the same time..
    "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"

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    sorry no pics, but undo the (left)high/low beam switch casing and drop a bit of light weight lube down into the fast idle lever cable. Move the lever back and forth to work in the lube and give it another shot. Do this several times until the cable loosens up.

    You have to lift the tank, and remove the airbox to get at the other end of the cable, but it is a good idea to hit the other end of the cable with some lube too. Careful at this end as the linkages for the throttle bodies can use some lube, but not too much as it attracts dirt build up.

    Geez my bike sounds funny now


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      cheers doc....i will do the undo the switch casing and give it a wd40 squirt or 2 at the weekend.
      "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"