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  • Libertek Diamond Lights

    Is anyone currently using the Libertek Diamond lights in their undertail? If you are using the Libertek lights what undetail did you use? Is there any place that you know of where you can buy the undetail with the Liberteck Diamond lights already assembled.
    Thanks a lot Guys have a great day!

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      i've seen them in the extremegraphic undertails for the gixxers. it looks like you could use them in any undertail that uses the two split lenses. they arn't very bright during daylight hours though.
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        yeah but they are made from fiberglass I heard they crack.


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          you can buy the 2" liberteks's for the FSMD. Or they make some that are 2.3 for the Eurobikes:dunno tail

          I think they are close to $200 for tha pair
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            my freind has em on his gixxer, and the ARE bright as hell no matter what time day.. way brighter than my leds... but there so damned expensive, i cant see plunking down 200 buck on lights...


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              That's all well and good ... but