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need info on replacing cracked tls frame

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  • need info on replacing cracked tls frame

    I have a 97 tls and its cracked around the rotary and also by the steering stem. What is the best way to go about getting it replaced. I read the yahoo group and just wondering if I just need to contact American suzuki? Do I have to take it to the dealer or do i just call them with the VIN #. Any help would be greatly appreciated I just want to get everything in order before I call. Thanks again
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    Just in case that doesn't work out, I have a 97 frame available with no cracks.

    good luck!

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      All about the cracked frame.. tney have been there and done that.. Probably give you a good head start...
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        I would suggest not showing Suzuki your avatar...
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          Originally posted by Jokertlr
          I would suggest not showing Suzuki your avatar...
          Thats just photoshop Thats what I call the reverse stoppie
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            I think its time for a new bikes, if your frame is cracked i would say that TLS has done its job!!


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              Go to your dealer.. ask to get the number of the Local Suzuki Rep.... Talk with them and explain everything...


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                I had it at the stealer the when I first bought it last year to get a new gas tank under the recall. They are the ones that said I wouldnt be able to get one since I was the 2nd owner. I will go to another stealer and talk to them. Thanks for the help the bike was cracked by the steering stem when I bought it and I had it welded and has held up good since but I would feel more safe if I has a new one
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